Ding 80 and Survivalism

Well my hunter finally hit 80 this week and thanks to my awesome guild Initech of Cairne I managed to get some really nice gear upgrades. The one thing I was super excited to do as soon as I hit 80 was switch from a BM spec to a Survival spec for running heroics and raiding. So as soon as I dinged 80 I headed to the trainer to pick up Dual Specialization and specced Survival as my new main build. I'll be keeping BM as my off spec for soloing, farming mats, etc...

One thing I would suggest if you plan on respeccing, or adding a dual spec that results in a different play style, is to head to the nearest Training Dummy in town and practice, practice, practice!! It took me a good half hour of practicing, playing around with macros, and tweaking my shot rotation before I finally felt comfortable actually going out into the world as a SV Hunter.

Overall my first impressions after almost a week of raiding and heroics I have to say that I am really enjoying the SV play style, and I look forward to picking up some more gear upgrades so that I can start closing the enormous gap between me and the Mages currently claiming the top of the damage meters.

When I get a chance I'll upload some screenshots from the past couple weeks.

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