Long time no Blog

I know I haven't updated in a while. Real life has had me pinned down lately and any free time I have had lately I have been spending actually playing or reading a good book. We had a medium sized emergency with our house and luckily our insurance company came through for us and it's taken a while to get our house back in order. In any case I should have time to update from time to time again now.

In short my Hunter has been doing a lot of gearing up lately, some Arenas, and even some raiding. Loving the new Group Finder and weekly raid quests. When I play I prefer to always be playing with other people. I am ALWAYS queued up to run an instance. I wish I had more time to play and work on some of the other things I want to get done in game. As it is I'll have to cut my Hunter play tmie down to be able to work on my Warrior (now level 73).

I am working on a Frost Emblem purchasing guide on the side. Hopefully I can finish it soon and get it posted up.